We research and produce new raw materials for animal diets, nutrition and wellbeing

The Grigi Group invests directly in all phases of its supply chain, including the initial stage of working the land. Grigi Società Agricola has numerous lands in various areas in Umbria, where we experiment and develop different plantations and crops. All cultivation conducted by the company uses ground-breaking technologies to preserve the territory and obtain the maximum qualitative result from our crops for zootechnical use.


Animal Husbandry

We are constantly improving our feeds and creating new services for industrial breeders or small farms.

The Grigi Group owns the dairy farm in Fossato di Vico (PG). The day-to-day experience of running this farm gives our company a more detailed understanding of the breeder’s everyday problems. Our animal feed division also uses the farm as a Research and Development Centre, where new products and new services for breeders are tested and developed by continually monitoring fundamental variables e.g. production quality, animal production performance, fast growth, fertility, milk production and quality. All this takes into account the specific requirements for P.D.O. products and the production chains.

The dairy farm also tackles practical and extremely useful topics, which are then discussed in our organised refresher courses: cowshed organisation, animal group organisation, food distribution and management choices.



We support farmers with new cereal harvesting and storage facilities for animal diets.

The Grigi Cereal division provides mainly agricultural services. Located in the municipality of Todi, it acts as animal product storage and distribution centre and is the benchmark for operators in all stages of working the land. The Grigi Group division takes care of everything that “grows on the land”, from cereals to vines, from legumes to vegetables, and gives its customers the best advice based on its 50 years of experience in agriculture.



We select cereals to produce premium quality feeds: including ORGANIC and NON-GMO.

The Grigi Group created the Consma.Grigi division in 2016 to complete the food processing chain from the base by selecting the best cereals in the area. The Group acquired the experience of the historic cooperative in Tarquinia gained in 50 years of history in the seed selection industry. Thanks to this experience, it introduced the production of premium quality feeds: including the production of ORGANIC and NON-GMO animal feeds.



We transport cereals and feeds directly to ensure breeders receive a top quality, rapid and reliable service.

Grigi Trasporti’s long experience in the cereal and feed distribution sector provides the value added to the company’s service. It enables products to be moved rapidly, promptly and reliably. Its flexible structure and constantly updated fleet of corporate vehicles offers the end customer maximum quality in real time. The Grigi family has faith in the quality not only of its service, but also of its product, which has enabled it to develop a strong, flexible company. This corporate image also comes first and foremost from the professionalism of its carefully selected, highly qualified and very willing staff.