Seventy years of zootechnics in Umbria


Mangimificio 3G

Bastia Umbra

Mangimificio 3 G di Giovanni e Giuseppe Grigi was founded in 1952 in Bastia Umbra (PG), a town of ancient origins and rural traditions, today a flourishing, agricultural, industrial and commercial centre.

The origins of over 50 years of history

The Mangimificio 3G di Grigi Giovanni e Giuseppe s.n.c.

The fifties marked a radical change in the sector of “livestock breeding and production”: it moved from a typical, local, family-run livestock farm to intensive farming based on modern, zootechnical techniques.

Mangimificio 3 G was to turn this change to its advantage and become a benchmark for the breeders, while gaining important experience and competency at the same time that would enable it to achieve excellent standards of quality and competitiveness.


Nuovo Molino di Assisi


By 1977, the Company had strengthened within its own market and transformed into “Nuovo Molino d’Assisi”.

The 70s: the Grigi Group in action

Feed production, processing and marketing

The Grigi family founded Nuovo Molino di Assisi in 1977 to manage first and foremost the GRIGI GROUP’s industrial sector: feed production, processing and marketing.

The current product range summarises the corporate philosophy: genuine, natural and healthy. Our NON-GMO, Organic, GMO-free or conventional raw materials, cereals and legumes are subjected to specific analyses and checks from their harvest in the field and throughout all the processing stages. The end result is an extremely valuable, nutritious, well-balanced product that respects the age-old relationship with the nature it comes from.


A new company headquarters

Bastia Umbra

Move to the new registered office and plant in Bastia Umbra (PG);

A new economic and industrial centre

Bastia is a major economic and industrial centre: the Group’s transfer to the town was a major step in the Group’s development and symbolised a dynamic, versatile aptitude for change with an eye to economic and social developments and changes. 1994 was an important year for the innovation process that from early 2000 would become the Grigi Group’s leitmotif.


A new production department

27.000 m2

Inauguration of the new production department with a surface area of 27,000 m2 to transform cereal into flakes.

Innovative and versatile

Provision of raw materials

All our raw materials must comply with the highest standards of quality. Thus, thanks to an extensive capacity to store cereals, we prefer to harvest all the local productions and directly manage the drying and preservation processes.

The nuovo molino di Assisi plant

The Nuovo Molino Di Assisi plant uses stainless steel equipment to process everything and guarantee a wholesome product of maximum quality.
The boiler produces 8,000,000 K/Cal, used for processing in the food sector.
The steam produced is brought to a temperature of 120°C in order to obtain a highly digestible and completely sanitised product.


Entry into the open market of the animal feed industry

The open market

In the early 2000s, management at the time decided to construct one of the most modern cereal flake plants in Italy. A genuine, healthy product to re-establish an ancient relationship with Nature with a modern twist has nowadays become a necessity and an inescapable commitment

A new generation of animal feeds

Our current product range summarises the corporate philosophy: genuine, natural and healthy. The majority of our NON-GMO, Organic, GMO-free or conventional raw materials, cereals and legumes come from Central Italy and are subjected to specific analyses and checks from the moment they are harvested in the field and throughout all the processing stages. The end result is an extremely valuable, nutritious, well-balanced product that respects the age-old relationship with Nature.


Grigi società agricola


The Grigi family has always firmly believed in the potential of the agricultural sector and has demonstrated this by investing directly in all the phases of its supply chain, including the hardest, but no less fascinating phase of working the land. Grigi Società Agricola is a well-established member of the group in various areas in Umbria, where they experiment and develop different crops other than cereals and then inform customers of the results obtained.

From farm to fork


The Grigi Società Agricola began as a small farming estate in the municipality of Assisi that is constantly growing thanks to the family passion. Today, it has 700 hectares of land and also includes a niche production of extra virgin olive oil. All cultivation conducted by the company uses ground-breaking technologies to preserve the territory and obtain the maximum qualitative result from its crops to remain loyal to the group philosophy: “from farm to fork”.


Warehouse centre in pantalla

Todi, PG

In 2010, Confindustria awarded the Grigi Group the Merit of Umbrian Excellence.

The opening of the new harvest and storage centres in Spello and Trevi (PG) and the acquisition of the “Valentina Battisti” Warehouse Centre in Pantalla di Todi (PG) confirmed the Group’s desire to expand and aim for an increasingly sustainable, premium quality production: Grigi Società Agricola was established and now covers 700 hectares of land.



Acquisition of the valigi brand

With the acquisition in May 2012 of the VALIGI brand, the Grigi Group entered the industrial feed sector with the aim of becoming leader on the feed market.


The valigi brand

Valigi is a historic brand in the sector of zootechnics, one of the top 5 in Italy and is widely established throughout the territory.


Dairy farm

Casalina di Deruta (PG)

The Grigi Group owns the dairy farm in Casalina di Deruta (PG). The day-to-day experience of running this farm gives our company a more detailed understanding of the breeder’s everyday problems. Grigi Cereali also uses the dairy farm as a Research and Development Centre, where new products and new services for breeders are tested and developed, by continually monitoring fundamental variables e.g. production quality, animal production performance, speed of growth, fertility, milk production and quality. All this also takes into account the specific requirements for P.D.O. products and the production chains.

Research and Development Section

In 2014, we inaugurated the new cereal Warehouse Centre in Loc. Polzella – Montefalco (PG) and work began to construct the Benedetti & Grigi winery, which opened its doors to the public with a big inauguration ceremony on 20 September 2015.

Research and Development Section

The dairy farm also tackles practical and extremely useful topics, which are then discussed in our organised refresher courses: cowshed organisation, animal group organisation, food distribution and management choices. Grigi Società Agricola is the sponsor and co-founder of the Pollo Rurale Umbria Project.

The University of Perugia and Prof. Cesare Castellani developed a meat that is 100% Umbrian with highly nutritional factors (lean, rich in iron and Omega 3) The free-range chickens are raised on a healthy diet without the use of antibiotics during growth and their welfare is our priority.


The new plant

Pontenuovo di Torgiano

Work began on modernising and rendering the former Valigi plant in Pontenuovo di Torgiano energy efficient to make it become the main feed production plant and establish the Grigi Alimentare division.

Former Valigi plant restored

Grigi Alimentare

The Grigi Group invested in the Consmaremma brand of Tarquinia (VT). The reference market was seed production and marketing and the production of organic and non-GMO feeds.


Gatti & Consma Grigi Mill


The Grigi Group created the Consma.Grigi division in 2016 to complete the food processing chain from the base by selecting the best cereals in the area. When Consmaremma joined the organisation, the Group acquired the know-how the Tarquinia cooperative had gained from over 50 years of history in the seed selection industry.

Organic with no contamination


FOOD ITALIAE: the food division for overseas

The chain
of values

Food Italiae is the agrifood supply chain for protecting unique and traditional production methods and product safety that will promote the area, optimise distribution, save energy and encourage innovation. Above all, it enables us to respond to the demands of the modern consumer with complete transparency and to provide easily accessible information for greater peace of mind when shopping, every day.

Products guaranteed from farm to fork

Agrifood Cluster

The system competencies in the supply chain process contribute to:

  • Valorising the territory
  • Reducing consumption
  • Optimising distribution
  • Encouraging innovation

The Chain enables companies in Italy to come face to face on international markets and compare skills in an innovative and competitive way.


Acquisition of the DELL'AVENTINO brand


Acquisition of the brand and takeover of the Dell’Aventino sales branch. The company in Fossacesia (CH), with over 50 years’ history in the zootechnical sector boasts a long production tradition.

Top quality raw materials

Dell’Aventino became the fourth brand to join the animal feed division, together with Valigi, Grival and Consmaremma ORGANIC and NON-GMO feeds.


Inauguration of the new plant

Ponte Nuovo di Torgiano

Dell’Aventino became the fourth brand to join the animal feed division, together with Valigi, Grival and Consmaremma ORGANIC and NON-GMO feeds.

Reliable and safe

Affidabilità e sicurezza

Our Customers have always been the focus of our work: we have always placed enthusiasm, dedication and a real desire to improve and progress alongside our concept of quality, reliability and safety. Our managerial organisation, the great professionalism of all who work with us, the use of state-of-the-art technology, the highest quality products available on the market and proven fairness guarantee the peace of mind needed to strengthen their trust in us more every day.