Close to the land
and green at heart

For 70 years, manufacturer of zootechnical foods: tradition and research, top quality and selection, service and innovation are the linchpins that support our customers. Our company

hand in hand with tradition

Vigorous roots and a strong drive: always aiming to improve animal feed production, innovate with research and become our customers' partners. Products

hand in hand with evolution

To promptly interpret market evolution by supporting the needs of our sales channels, and guaranteeing top quality standards for each of our animal feeds. Our customer loyalty begins right here. Our supply chain

Our services

Grigi's development model provides a virtual link between the environment, nutrition, our supply chain, our relationship with the territory and the people who purchase our products every day to feed their animals.


We check the nutrients, analyse the products and record the results in order to offer increasingly efficient products.


We use suitable solutions to mix and apply the most correct diet plans thanks to our knowledge of the quality required.


Our professionals ensure prompt technical and veterinary assistance to increase breeder profitability.

The grigi group brands

The Grigi Group is one of the largest animal feed manufacturers in Italy. We carefully choose the raw materials and our suppliers undergo a strict selection process. Each individual production phase is controlled and checked to guarantee our entire supply chain is protected: the animal being reared, the breeder, the consumer. We have a wide, diversified commercial offer: from feeds for industrial breeders to rural farming.

Our products