Our history

Forerunners of the industrialisation of the sector in the 50s, feed production innovators from the 70s and the first plant in Italy to produce heat-treated flakes in '94. Plus the acquisition of historic brands in the new millennium.

The Grigi Group was established in Bastia Umbra in 1952 under the name of Mangimificio 3G dei Fratelli Giovanni, Giuseppe Grigi.

Forerunners of the transformation from family-run farm to intensive farm based on modern zootechnical techniques, they became a benchmark for breeders in Umbria.

In 1977, the Mangimificio 3G became “Nuovo Molino d’Assisi” and set the standards of the sector with its organised production, processing and marketing of feeds for zootechnical livestock farms.

In 1994, the Group moved to its new registered office and plant in Bastìa Umbra and built the first production plant to transform cereal into heat-treated flakes in Italy.

In 2001, the plant extended over 27,000 m2 with the most modern production standards in the sector. The Bastia Umbra plant currently manufactures NON_GMO, ORGANIC and GMO-free feeds from cereal and leguminous raw materials, the majority of which come from Central Italy and are subjected to specific analyses and checks throughout the processing stages.

Over the last 10 years, the Grigi Group has changed and invested to become market leader and owner of the major feed brands in Central Italy. The main steps are shown in our Virtual Museum.